Being at the interface between management and engineering is amazing, dealing with a live challenge! In the mathematical world, you can find many fantastic rules and approaches which are trustworthy, and you can enjoy identifying amazing patterns between them which have made our world. On the other hand, in the management world, you deal with live human beings who are naturally unpredictable and highly smart who avoid being patterned and modelized. I believe that there are many untried mathematical approaches in the management field that can help us formulate these intelligent beings and also their related circumstances. Consequently, I am interested in learning and using mathematics, psychology, and management to describe and optimize the human beings’ behavior and their circumstances. In this regard, I enjoy both computational science and theoretical subjects. More specifically, my interests include employing mathematical approaches and managerial theories, for example, operations research and game theory to improve and optimize real-world condition.

Education & Training

Following my interests, I selected the industrial engineering major in both bachelor and master degrees, and during these years I’ve been familiar with many subjects and courses related to the fascinating world of management. More details related to my educational background are presented in the following:

  • 2019

    PhD in administration

    HEC Montréal

  • 20172014

    Master of Science in Industrial Engineering

    Isfahan University of Technology

  • 20142010

    Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

    University of Tehran

I’ve always been interested in new challenges and opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact me if you think either we can help each other in a case or we can have a research collaboration. I regularly check my E-mail box and also you can contact me using this page.